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Each visitor can add links! No registration! Remember to add links only from supported services, look at the list below. Links to other services won't be saved. Click on the button "Add Your Links" above the table that shows results. Paste your link, finish the captcha challenge and click "Add Link" to add your own link to movie/serie episode.

List of supported sites:

Share your links here and earn money on services that allow to upload files on their hosting and pay per streaming/views. Add your own links from those services and if people find and watch movies/series from your link, you will earn money on services like openload/vidzi/yourvideohost/widto/streamin/flashx etc.


-You cannot add the same link under many phrases, so if you added the link and for example your link got titled "Gomorra s02e01" and service saved it, you cannot add this link again ex. titled "Gomorra s02e01 HD WATCH NOW". You can simply upload your movie/episode to other service(s) and then add these links under the some or similar title.

-No porn, no illegal stuff, no videos under copyright rights, no movies/series protected by dmca and no other bad things. All bad/illegal/dangerous/forbidden/breakingrules links will be deleted and IP the person who did upload them will be banned permanently. Please follow the rules!

-List of supported host sites is given above. IMPORTANT: You can add links only from these sites! If you add video link for example going to youtube or vimeo which are services out of list, system won't save it and this link will never appear in search results. So please check all links that you are going to add! They must go to services from the list! is great website for all people who looks for series or movies online. If you spend much time on searching videos without result, you should definitely test my service. This website supports many websites and hosts with movies and series available to watch online.

This search engine is free and easy to use even for young users. All what you can do here is find nd watch your favourite series or movies online without any cost. I try my best to present videos in as high quality as possible.

This service gives any visitor the opportunity to upload its own links on my website, thanks to this you will be able to find more movies and series thanks to tons of links from uploaders.

If you are the owner of website that offer watching series/movies online and you would like to join us, let me know. I can easily add your website to my list and from now my service will show results from your service for every query.

If you find any issue or you have problem in using this service, please contact me and describe error. I promise I will try my best to fix it as quickly as possible. Also if you have any idea that can help my service, do not be shy and write to me. I want to improve my project and keep it in good condition, so I can implement ideas given by my visitors. Thanks!

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