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24 of the best junior home cooks in the country between the ages of eight and 13 will compete in the first audition round and present their dishes to the judges.

Title: MasterChef Junior Date: 2013 Time: 60 min Category: Game-Show, Reality-TV
Price: free Country: USA Rating: 6.7 Type: Series
Awards: 8 nominations.
Writer: Robin Ashbrook, Gordon Ramsay, Pat Llewellyn, Howard T. Owens
Actors: Charlie Ryan, Gordon Ramsay, Graham Elliot, Joe Bastianich
Director: N/A




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5 November 2013 jfarwellpromo from United States:
I loved the show overall, but I couldn't agree more with the reviewer who mentioned that Troy was being a complete bully and was then rewarded for his behavior as the judges turned a blind eye. As the parents of a young child, my husband and I were appalled by the decision and action of the judges in this instance and it really left a terrible taste in our mouths (pun semi-intended). It's not an instance where the judges didn't know what was going on, as Chef Gordon was in the kitchen witnessing the bullying himself. Huge thumbs down for this terrible judgement call, and a big disappointment for the viewers. I hope that if the show continues with further seasons that they will be more diligent with upholding the standards of human decency that we should expect of our country's children as a whole.
29 November 2013 mickeymickey2682 from New Jersey:
There are SPOILERS in this review. To even entertain the notion that this wasn't a good show is laughable. It was a great show. To watch the determination of children competing for not only a reward but the satisfaction of making something worthy of 3 well known culinary faces. Although I can agree I was disappointed at the actions of Troy and because of them he should not have been advanced in the competition to the next round however he knew what he was doing but as a young teen he didn't handle it well.The key there was that when asked Sarah still thought and wanted Troy to win the competition. I enjoyed the genuine satisfaction and happiness on the faces of these kids, it made you want to root for them. I'm a teacher know several children between the ages of 8 and 15 who saw the show and wanted to learn how to cook. In an age where all children want to do is be on their tablets and video games, it is nice to see that cooking is an alternative worth considering.
9 November 2013 Mela8 from United States:
At first watching this series I was certain it was going to be a mini-me version of the adult show. Lots of great food, some talented cooks and lots of backstabbing and dysfunctional behavior. What a surprise, these kids were wonderfully genuine, their food knowledge was astounding and the camaraderie they exuded was truly refreshing. Certainly during the shows there was some "I'm better" talk, and not every moment was a jewel, but all in all these kids could teach the adults a lesson or two in good manners and decent behavior. The food these children cooked blew me away. There willingness to use and eat foods outside their comfort zones was a lesson in itself. Add to that that they rooted for each other, helped each other and in the end hugged and comforted each other was without a doubt the best part of this show. It restored my faith in the ability of people to work hard strive to achieve and remain connected to our fellow travelers. I have never had a bigger smile on my face watching a show! Here is to many many more seasons!


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