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An animated TV series set between the events of Episode III and IV, Star Wars Rebels takes place in a time where the Empire is securing its grip on the galaxy and hunting down the last of the Jedi Knights as a fledgling rebellion against the Empire is taking shape.

Title: Star Wars Rebels Date: 2014 Time: 22 min Category: Animation, Action, Adventure
Price: free Country: USA Rating: 8.0 Type: Series
Awards: 4 wins & 20 nominations.
Writer: Simon Kinberg, Carrie Beck, Dave Filoni
Actors: Taylor Gray, Freddie Prinze Jr., Vanessa Marshall, Steve Blum
Director: N/A




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5 October 2014 Erik Higgins from :
If you happen to view any of the other "reviews" here you'll find that many have given abysmal ratings for the show because of trivial reasoning; many because they're still rather perturbed over the status of the Expanded Universe, others seem like attempts at trolling, and many are spiteful simply because they don't agree with the concept of the show and cannot accept that the Expanded Universe isn't coming back. One even seems to have gone the full-on melodramatic route and declared Star Wars to be dead and that they won't be showing their younger siblings Star Wars at all due to this horrible tragedy.Should you view the individual ratings given to the show you'll find that the general opinion is favorable with votes generally increasing the higher up the ratings you go, save for a rather blatantly obvious discrepancy. The ratio of "1/10" reviews compared to the others has been grossly blown out of proportion by people whose anger seems to have overcome them.The characters are perfectly fine, the animation could have been better I will admit, and the pacing for the premiere was quick and could have taken more time to breath but when all has been said and done the show has learned from the mistakes made during the early seasons of The Clone Wars and has applied those lessons much the same as the latter seasons did.People talking about how the designs or appearances of things are off haven't been paying attention to the development of the show, as the creators have on numerous occasions cited the reasoning behind the changes and additions. The Imperial's equipment has taken a design cue from Kenner's classic line of toys adored by children who grew up on Star Wars, fans, and collectors alike. The show takes places five years before "Star Wars" and as such they wanted everything to feel extremely familiar while being off just enough to give the feel of this being a different time period. The TIE Fighters have shorter wings, the stormtrooper's helmets are more bulbous and their blasters have a small hump along the spine, and the REX droids from Star Tours serve as pilots on spacecraft. The camera remains static and far less dynamic to mimic the movement of the original movies while even switching to mimic 70mm film during space sequences. The lightsabers flicker and are flatter, green light cracks whenever two blades meet, and pulling out a lightsaber feels special again. Every single detail has been carefully considered and crafted to capture the feel of the Original Trilogy Era and movies.It's Firefly meets Star Wars with a ragtag crew running around the edge of civilized space trying to get by and hitting the Empire whenever the chance is presented. It's classic Star Wars and exactly the kind of thing you'd like should you be a fan of Star Wars at all.
8 November 2014 L B from :
I love Star Wars - the basic premise of an epic universe, battle of good vs evil, classic take on characters and their traits and promoting clean and pure values...Most of us love (or have loved) Star Wars for those reasons.Now, do you think kids and younger teenagers will want to watch 30 year old movies and will be susceptible to the story and its values despite the "prehistoric" graphics and effects? Unfortunately, most of them won't be attracted and will watch it if you make them and look at it through that lens to some extent - and that is reality.So if you look at "Rebels" as a new branch in that universe, fresh content promoting the same types of characters, similar story lines and the same values - can it not be only positive that it exists? To attract today's kids and to provide content of this kind to them, instead of them watching Game of Thrones, Dexter and alike?I understand that, as a die-hard Star Wars fan of 30 or 40, you can disprove the lack of originality, the relative crudeness of animation and what not - but, hey - this is Star Wars, just the same as it always has been - if you loved it before, there is no reason to hate it now, in this form.So I would understand reviews of 6+, but 1? That's just lame.As a 31 year old, I found it interesting and entertaining and a nice watch. Worth my time and certainly worth your kid's time. Of course, some criticism stands - i.e. recycling Alladin and alike - but we have new SW content for new generations and it's good.
9 December 2015 ianmurtha from :
I'm gonna level with you I did not want anything to do with this show when I heard it was coming out, I thought that the idea of the show wouldn't be that interesting, given that it's called STAR WARS, and they were only a small team just messing with the empire. The characters themselves are likable but not great (except for Hera). Kanan isn't that compelling, Ezra is a total copy of Luke, Zep is one-dimensional, Chopper is no R2-D2, and Sabine is a Mandalorian artist (an artist, really). My biggest gripe with this show is the animation, it looks primitive and the characters are oddly shaped. And don't get me started on how the lightsaber blades look, they look like glowsticks in the shape of toothpicks. You can also see some details look like they are drawn in with crayon. However, everything changed when I heard Ahsoka and Rex were coming to this show. I fell in love with those two characters in the Clone Wars, which is an AMAZING series that not enough people gave a chance. So I instantly caught myself up, and so far the story is just mediocre. When I got to season 2 and seeing Ahsoka there, I had hope, but they are completely underutilizing her and Rex, that may change as the show goes on. To put it frankly, this show is piggy packing itself from the greatness of the Clone Wars; Kanan was a padawan, Sabine is a mandalorian, Hera is the daughter of a character from the Clone Wars, and they are using story lines first used in the previous show. Don't get me wrong this is an enjoyable show, but the Clone Wars is better by leaps and bounds. Each episode was different, one could be epic, one could have you at the edge of your seat, one could be boring, and then one could have your jaw dropping to the floor. Rebels is just using the same premise over and over again. And my final thoughts, Rebels is a good animated series, with some lackluster animation; but to its credit it has a lot to live up to after the amazing series that was the Clone Wars.


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