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Vanity Fair Confidential brings you deep into the criminal affairs of various people whose stories were once across the pages of Vanity Fair Magazine. The show covers high scandal cases including those of soldiers, family heirs, and even boy band moguls.

Title: Vanity Fair Confidential Date: 2015 Time: 60 min Category: Documentary, Crime
Price: free Country: USA Rating: 7.5 Type: Series
Awards: N/A
Writer: N/A
Actors: Martin Koughan
Director: N/A




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9 January 2016 AudioFileZ from United States:
You know about 90% of TV is crap. You also know that most of TV crime is the same. What you may not realize is that the ID network actually has a couple of shows that are not by the book, and therefore, not boring "BS". Vanity Fair Confidential is, along with A Crime To Remember, making the ID network into a more respectable brand.48 Hours whatever and Dateline for the umpteenth time really gets old. Sure these are respectable crime shows...but, they're predictably the same. So for something different, something a bit more grand, we get this new series called Vanity Fair Confidential. It's a definite cut above and the selected crimes, ones sensational enough that they got major exposure in Vanity Fair are truly worthy for a deeper look. The look this show gives is definitely good. It cuts through time to the real meat of some truly bombastic crimes and does so with aplomb. You will not get bored and you won't wither with the usual "cable TV formula" doldrums. This show takes very notable crimes, quickly retells them with a bit of real investigative flair and, usually, a final outcome. Excellent.


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